Information Warfare

There is a silent war raging right now and the battlefield is your mind.  Information warfare is the manipulation of information trusted by a target without the target's awareness so that the target will make decisions against their interest but in the interest of the one conducting information warfare. The centerpiece of the deep state's Information Warfare strategy is control of the mainstream media (MSM).  The deep state uses the MSM and even Hollywood to promote their version of the truth, which is suited to meet their needs and not yours.  This truth bending by the MSM is what we call a "narrative" and the narrative is repeated over and over on their vast media network to influence and shape your thoughts on a particular topic.  In order to beat the Deep State at Information Warfare you require knowledge and truth, which is why Q and the Great Awakening is such a dire threat to them.  When you are awake you can see clearly through the deceptive naratives of the MSM, the Deep State and their controllers.