Research Summary

In this recorded conversation there is smoking gun evidence that Vice President Joe Biden engaged in an illegal Quid Pro Quo deal with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on May 13, 2016.

Joe Biden wanted the Ukrainian Prosector General Viktor Shokin fired and replaced for investigating Hunter Biden's business dealings with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter served on the board of directors.

In return for firing Shokin and replacing him with Yuti lutsenko as the new Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Joe Biden confirmed he would deliver the 1 billion dollar loan for Poroshenko and the Ukraine.  

Joe states: "I'm a man of my word, we are ready to move forward and sign that 1 billion loan you want".

Petro states: "Thank you that you give me your word that immediately when we change the legislation and I appoint a new prosecutor general Yuti Lutsenko as we agreed in Washington".

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