Origin Country of COVID-19: China
Origin City of COVID-19: Wuhan
How long was Wuhan on lockdown: 76 days
How long was the remainder of China on lockdown:
CNY extend Jan 24 - Feb 9 (avg): 16 days
How long has the US been on lockdown?
No spread of COVID-19 outside of Wuhan?
How is it possible the source Country of the virus (minus Wuhan) was on lockdown for only 16 days?
How long has the US been on lockdown?
Forecasted lockdown CA, NY, OR, MI, ……?
Logical thinking.

Research Summary

Q asks a great question, how come China was able to contain the virus so effectively (outside of Wuhan) and was only locked down for 16 days?  You would think the country of origin would have been hit the hardest by the virus and other countries would have faired better, but that's not what happened in this case.  It's almost like China was prepared for the onslaught of the Virus...  They were hoarding medical equipment, they immediately setup a strong perimeter around Wuhan, they were using HCQ, and they kept the rest of world in the dark on the true threat of the virus and its contagion. 

What if China intentionally released the virus to strike back at the USA and infected itself in a controlled/contained manner for plausible deniability?  You see China has a motive for doing this...  For many years they have built up their economy to become the 2nd biggest in the world by taking advantage of the USA.  They bought off our politicians who promoted policies that benefited China at the expense of the USA.  We saw millions of our manufacturing jobs leave the USA for China.  When Donald Trump became POTUS he immediately began unshackling our economy by eliminating harmful regulations and renegotiating one-sided trade deals that harmed the USA.  He also pressured China for a trade deal and started levying tariffs against them to force them to negotiate.  You see, China has been bleeding billions of dollars due to these tariffs and their economy is suffering while the US economy has been booming since POTUS took office.  Trump's hard stance against China was hurting their bottom line and without the gravy train it would be difficult for China's Communist Party to control/pacify their population.  They had to do something to stop Trump (motive).

So China did the unthinkable and unleashed a virus to harm the USA, and more importantly harm Trump's reelection chances by destroying the great economy his policies created.  POTUS has called the virus the worst attack ever on America... worse then Pearl Harbor and 9-11.  Unleashing the virus is a form of irregular warfare, or an invisible enemy as POTUS has described it multiple times.  POTUS has said he is a wartime President and he is right -- he is leading the fight against an invisible enemy that has secretly infiltrated the USA and is conducting irregular warfare.  The ugly truth is China did not act alone, and had help from corrupt US politicians/officials on China's payroll.  These corrupt politicians would rather see America burn than be exposed.  These corrupt, self-service politicians are now using fear of the virus, and trying to extend the quarantine as long as possible, as an excuse to promote mail-in voting for the upcoming election.  Mail-in voting is not secure and will enable the democrats to cheat and steal the election.  The MSM is also complicit working hand-in-hand with the D's to promote the fear/panic and discourage effective COVID-19 treatments such as HCQ.