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Why are they pushing back the [D] convention?
COVID-19 concern or strategic for last minute change?
Change of Batter coming?
Why was she 'saved' from officially announcing?
Why was she 'reserved' for a last minute change?
How do you attempt to 'sneak one in'?
How do you attempt to ensure victory?
Adopt National Vote-by-Mail?
How do you convince American it was legitimate?
Release fake polls indicating favorable leads in swing states?
How do you harm opponents accomplishments re: economy, unemployment, ……………….?
How do you terminate opponents highly effective rallies?
How do you shelter [D] lead candidate from embarrassing debates and/or rallies?
How do you shelter [D] corruption re: FISA-RUSSIA-FLYNN-etc. from reaching the mainstream?
How do you extend the trade negotiation deadline w/ CHINA?
How do you limit [test] Constitutional rights of people?
How do you provide cover for State Govs to adopt new voter laws?
How do you effectively control the population?
How do you expand big tech overreach re: tracing / privacy issues?
How do you fix [taxpayer bailout?] the long-broken economies of CA & NY?
How do you enrich select people/co's by promoting a solution to a global crisis?
How do you keep people living in fear and isolation in order to accept the above?
Define 'insurgency'.
How do you accomplish all of the above?