The Silent War continues..

Research Summary

This drops suggests that the global elites/cabal, e.g., those powerful people who attend the Bilderberg meetings, have for many years been working on a plan to subvert individual rights and governments and replace them with a singular world government (NWO).  In order to establish a world government, the cabal needs a ruse or catalyst to convince the people/sheeple to give up their rights and accept the world government.  Kissinger says the most effective way to fool the people is by fear of the unknown.  If you scare the people enough, you can convince them that government is their only means of protection and in the process strip away their individual rights.  The timing of this drop is likely linked to COVID-19, which the global elites/cabal are using as a scare event to subvert your rights (e.g., changing voting methods that will allow for election fraud and tampering thus denying your vote and right to representation). 

Themes in Drop