Banking on HRC to win?
You never thought she would lose.
Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home?
You never expected a new DIR to be appointed.
Agency rogue elements still in control of OP?
GINA (EX_UK_DIV_) open attacks?

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2006: Snowden is hired by the C_A. (Source: NBC) 2007-2009: Snowden is posted to Geneva, Switzerland. (Source: NBC) 2009: Snowden leaves C_A [supervisor’s criticism] and begins work as a NSA contractor assigned by Dell. (Source: NBC) 2009-2012: Switches between assignments with the NSA and CIA for Dell. (Source: NBC) 2012: Works at NSA facility in Japan that lasts until March 2012. (Source: NBC) March 2012: Snowden moves to Hawaii to work at a NSA. (Source: NBC) Late 2012: Freedom of the Press Foundation founded. Dec 2012: Snowden reaches out to Glenn Greenwald (Source: NBC) Jan 11, 2013: Aaron Swartz death by hanging. October 15, 2013: SecureDrop is released. March 2013: John Brennan is Director of C_A March 2013: New contractor job with Booz Allen Hamilton at the same NSA facility in Hawaii (Source: NBC) May 2013: Snowden begins sending some documents to Poitras, Greenwald and to Barton Gellman of the Washington Post (Source: NBC) May 20, 2013: Snowden arrives in Hong Kong from Hawaii. (Source: NBC) June 2, 2013: Greenwald and Poitras arrive in Hong Kong. (Source: NBC) June 5, 2013: First article published in Guardian www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jun/06/nsa-phone-records-verizon-court-order June 6, 2013: The Guardian and the Washington Post each publish an article about the NSA program PRISM (Source: NBC) June 8, 2013: The Guardian publishes NSA slides on Boundless Informant. (Source: NBC) June 9, 2013: The Guardian reveals Edward Snowden as the source of the NSA leaks. (Source: NBC) June 11, 2013: Snowden is fired by Booz Allen Hamilton. (Source: NBC) June 14, 2013: The U.S. Justice Department charges Snowden with theft. (Source: NBC) June 23, 2013: "Snowden leaves Hong Kong for Ecuador, with a planned stopover in Russia." (Source: NBC) Aug. 1, 2013: He is granted temporary asylum by Russian authorities. (Source: NBC) Aug. 1, 2013: The Guardian publishes an article detailing NSA funding for British intelligence. (Source: NBC) Oct. 14, 2013: Washington Post reports NSA collects over 250 million email inbox views and contact lists a year from Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook. (Source: NBC) February 2014: Snowden joins board of diectors at Freedom of the Press Foundation. March 8, 2014: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears March 2014: Russia Annexes Crimea March 26, 2014: Angela Merkel became the longest-serving incumbent head of government in the European Union 2016: Snowden becomes president of the board at Freedom of the Press Foundation. November 8, 2016: ELECTION DAY January 20, 2017: John Brennan is no longer C_A director. December 27, 2017: James Dolan died (Co-Creator of SecureDrop) February 7th, 2018: John Perry Barlow died. 2018: Kevin Paulson turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press after Barlow death.(Apache) (source:anon)