Once again we are about to look like liars. That tweet Q posted is fake and people are going to start spreading it all over the place. When something real does drop, nobody is going to believe it because we've already spread fake shit several times. How do we get word out to people who don't lurk here on the board to not start sending out fake shit? We can't unless Q corrects it.

"You are on the right track."
Ex: video clip re: paid to shill re: K bros.
Think context.
Think bigger picture.
Think connections.
Define 'Map'.
The truth can always be found.

Research Summary

Minor-attracted person (MAP) is an umbrella term for people with any condition that means they are sexually and/or romantically attracted to minors (those below the age of consent), including:

Nepiophilia or Infantophilia - attraction to babies and toddlers

Paedophilia - attraction to pre-pubescent children

Hebephilia - attraction to pubescent children/early adolescents

Ephebophilia - attraction to late adolescents

Proofs / Memes