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Anons, do you realize what happened in several regions? As an MOfag, do you have any clue how badly the RedHat distro of Hillary (McCaskill) had to go? Seeing that flipped is important. While the results in the House weren't what I wanted, they were along the lines of what I expected. These may all be prior CIA operatives, but the good always outnumber the bad. Will these people, obviously installed by a central dispatching action, play as that central dispatch believes? Re-read Q's drops. We know that many people have been betrayed, that key people in the democrat party have sold and directly distributed classified information to our enemies, resulting in the deaths of many good people. Remember the news suddenly re-hashing the ordeal with the Iranians blowing our agents'/sources' cover and killing them? What do we know about Iran (Ajax)? Upper portions of the CIA were performing a purge of the operating ranks in preparation for actions in North Korea (missiles) and China (hacking of US military equipment). There are some things on that front I see that I won't risk jeopardizing upcoming ops - but I'm an avionicsfag, as well, and know a thing or two about how I would get around a systemic compromise of all existing force datalinks (or suspect most of them have been compromised). When the Ares can't hack and slash his way through the enemy, you use his sister, Lilith. Double meanings exist, but it'll make sense in retrospect, if I'm right. Remember, the CIA operating network in Russia conveniently survived that purge. Anyway - the U.S. was being set up for a war with Russia in which the U.S. military would have suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of China. Our SAPs were sold to them, our chips were embedded with numerous vulnerabilities we no longer had the capacity (or technical expertise) to rush replacement and white-wire mods to operating units… Do you have any idea what happens once the declass runs? The order was already signed. (Important). Congress already acted on it (important). The role of Mueller and RR was to stall (also important). What happens if Mueller and RR now operate in avalanche breakdown? All of those CIA operatives who were going to play the game for the head of their 'family' then get hit with the truth of the matter and who sold their family out. There are many within the CIA who have swallowed tough moral decisions on the belief that, ultimately, the sins of the few can spare the need for crimes by many. There is an "official CIA" which has government recognized employees, amd a "shadow CIA" which consists of operational fronts and handled operatives. I think most of us non-shills suspected this would be a bit of a mixed bag. For me - I actually worry I see too much of the plan and that I may inadvertently lend intelligence to stupid people through my desire to discuss and exchange ideas. But, that is my take on these election results. A lot of key democrat positions in the Senate were eliminated. My chief concern is that Missouri ended up voting for a constitutional change that allows voting districts to be redrawn (it was buried in behind "election and campaign reform!" Nonsense to make it sound good. So, unless that is unfucked, MO will be as blue as a blueberry jollyrancher next cycle. I trust there is a plan for that, too - but one can only pay attention to so many moving parts at one time.

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How do you catch a FISH? Either use a NET or a TRAP or a BAITED HOOK In either case, the key thing is THE FISH IS NOT YET CAUGHT!!!!! Maybe they have an Obama pardon Maybe the evidence of their crimes has been erased from the record Maybe they have had all the witnesses killed. So, let's TRAP them. Put out some BAIT and TRAP them in a crime. FISC was baited FISC was set up as a trap FISC had a whitehat in it, even during the Obama administration.

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How do you catch a FISH?
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