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Notes from Trump on Townhall: Turning country around rapidly Finest econ that we've ever had Despite very bad hurricanes Tremendous opportunity to make things better Econ was heading in wrong direction, it was a weak recovery. 4.2% GDP growth was shocking, we're going to have many quarters like that and better Heading in a dir that is very special Consumer confidence is highest We were heading into an abyss Massive tax cuts Regulation cuts Econ beginning to sing Car companies coming back New USMCA deal - going to be very difficult for companies to leave America New agreement is very powerful for the USA New trade deal with SK China has been hurting US economically Big dispute with them, but we're winning Taxed them $250B They want to make a deal, and we will make the right deal. Markets have been very strong. Potential is tremendous. UNLESS WE DON'T DO WELL IN THE ELECTION TOMORROW. Referendum on what we've done. That's the way they're going to play it. If we don't have a good day, they will make it like it's the end of the world. We're straighting out healthcare. Got rid of ind mandate. Very important tomorrow - we have to get the people to vote. Lowering presc drug prices. Right to try. Veterans choice approved. Accountablity at the VA. Trying to get them approved for decades. It's all fragile. We have to vote. Tremendous # of people on the line. Get everybody to get out and vote. The press is considering it a referrendum on ME and US. The greatest movement in the history of our country. We're doing things faster than we thought. Steel and aluminum coming back. We have to win and have a good victory tomorrow. We need big success in the house! The numbers we're seeing now, we'll probably do very well. People love what we've done and they want to keep it going. Going to send a great signal. To the hundreds of thousands of people on the line, whatever you can do to ensure victory tomorrow, get your friends out to vote. Going to be making 3 speaches today. Appreciate everything you can do for tomorrow's election. It's all fragile and can be undone and changed by the Democrats. Whatever you can do, we would appreciate it. Good luck tomorrow. Thank you very much! >Excuse any typos.