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Why were the 'McCabe Memos' released to the NYT >>> [RR] 'wear a wire'?
What did they think was about to drop?
Did the delay and smear tactics used by D's re: Justice K help R's re: public support / endorsement re: confirmation & NOV 6 E?
Did select D's expose themselves re: leaks / release of confidential personal info, [CDE[F]?
If you know your opponents move(s)….

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Non-US ex militaryfag here, I’m not based in the US but I’ve been here since November 2017. I’ve been watching with massive interest since Nov last year, this Q operation is clearly a genuine attempt to take down the entrenched global cabal and free us from their arrogant sophisticated slavery. It is not too much to state that the future of humanity is at stake here. My reading of the Kav drama is that this was a genius setup by the Q team/DJT to trigger the Democratic Party into making wild stupid actions that exposed them to the public. Q team will be fully aware that Justice Kavanaugh was the one member of Ken Starrs team to actually strike a blow at the Clinton crime syndicate. Kav's questions back in 1998 lead to the impeachment of WJC. So it will have been obvious that nominating Kav to the SC will have triggered HRC into taking action, she won’t have been able to resist. The wild psychotic screechings of HRC this week on TV only reinforced my belief that she was the one controlling this misguided political hit. She was arrogant enough to fall into the trap of trying to engage an adversary who knew her every move and has outwitted her on every occasion. And the hit itself was extremely weak, probably would have worked a few years ago but now the public consciousness seems to have risen to a level where most reasonable people are wise to these tricks and don’t buy it. So the hit has backfired on the entire Democratic party in perfect time for the mid terms. Looking at what has just occurred, this entire episode can only be seen as a major win for the Qteam and the people. The public can now see the Democratic party as morally corrupt and unworthy to be public servants just before they have to vote. And hopefully by Monday you'll have a new SC Judge in place that will be highly motivated to destroy the corruption that was not only employed against him but against the people of the United States. I’m very much looking forward to watching these sick fuckers go down. And after the dust has settled we can then build a much more civilised and safer planetary culture that will improve the state of consciousness of all those who live here in the future. Lots of words I know, so standing by for the dancing chick to tell me to get over it.

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