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Mad Hatter and Alice Refresher Marty Torrey emailed congratulations to [HRC] to receive the "Alice Award" June 7 2009 from the Alice Paul Society in DC. Alice Paul was early-mid 1900's women's sufferage and femenist leader. In a June 15 2009, Marty Torrey refered to [HRC] as Alice and signed the email as Hatter. Torrey and other staffers within the [HRC] State Department frequently used the terms Alice and Hatter in emails after this time, including Whore of the Muslim Brotherhood Abedin. The use of pseudonyms and non-government email accounts to conduct daily offical business and communications showed a flagrant disrepect of their senior positions and violated federal laws and rregulations. Release of emails does more than just show the frequent use of terms Hatter and Alice. It also proves the [HRC] State Department was frequently and knowingly violating regulations and official bulletins of the National Archives and Records Administration. This includes using government authorized email accounts and computer systems. Computer networks are required to have annual IT security inspections and reported to Congress. Inspections and plans for transfering documents (which includes daily email communications) to the NARA is signed off by the agency head, ie [HRC]. All documents for the daily operation of business are transferred to the NARA. Only a small percentage is the deemed worthy for long term archival. NARA provides the 2009 bulletin on email use. Title 36 CFR Chapter XII Subpart B Sec 1220 Regulations are available: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=2cb32d56fb6af59e4b4ee022f092b321&mc=true&node=pt36.3.1220&rgn=div5

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