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Welcome Patriots

Q is a movement that is changing the world. Power is being restored to the people. From dark to light, corruption is being exposed worldwide and we are winning bigly!

Qmap.pub was created to share Q's messages and organize the data in an approachable way. This website is built with modern technologies running in the cloud. If you would like to contribute to this site, please visit the links below. Your contributions are appreciated and will help ensure qmap.pub is a reliable, fast and secure source of Q information.

Note: This website is not created by Q. This website is created by an anon, just like you, who happens to be a developer. This website functions as an "aggregator" that sources Q's posts from 8ch/8kun (the singular comm channel that Q uses). This website sources other data from other anons who maintain lists (indictments, resignations, child trafficking, etc.)